They are coming for us

John 15:18

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first

We are living in very dangerous times when our long time democratic countries are slipping into totalitarianism unnoticed by our population and even by our churches.

I believe that the time for changing this is now past and in any case, there is no sign of a change of heart in our nation or a turning back to God.  Unless we turn back to God, the situation cannot change.

Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for what will come next.  In every single historic instance of despotism, there has been a clear plan of excluding every form of opposition and the Church is always on that list.

The Church holds the keys to Truth and the truth is being systematically being eliminated, step by step.  We should not be surprised when they come for the Church, indeed, we would be very surprised if they did not.

Once they establish total control, the Church will become one of their biggest dangers, and so will be either eliminated or regulated.  The process has already begun and most Churches have accepted the control of the government over their worship.

Things will get much worse and very difficult for the Church in the coming years and now is the time to prepare for this coming persecution.

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