Are Churches Complicit in Genocide?

Letters are going out to people in my local area to go and get their fourth jab.  Did the first three not work?  Perhaps the first three didn’t kill off as many people as they had thought, so they need to try again.

There has been absolutely no proof that the recipients of the first three jabs avoided Covid.  They can still catch covid, can still pass it on, can still be hospitalised and can still die from it.  Indeed, statistics show that a higher percentage of ‘vaccinated’ people are dying from covid than those who have avoided the experimental jab.

In my local area, I know of quite a few people who have died of covid, but they were all ‘vaccinated’.  What benefit then, the vaccination?  Then we have the side effects.  Have you noticed all the sudden, unexpected deaths in recent months?  All ‘vaccinated’ people again.

The drug thalidomide was banned after four or five hundred serious side effects.  We now have millions of side effects and thousands of deaths in the UK alone and we are not even allowed to question them, no one is doing any research into the deaths, and even MPs in parliament are being silenced if they asked questions about vaccine damage.

All this we know and are shocked about.  However, it is extremely sad that the Church has become embroiled in this.  Locally a Church building is being used as a vaccination centre.  When this scam is finally exposed and those who were complicit are called to account, how will this Church be placed?  Will they be deemed to have been part of the genocide which is taking place?

Once again, I reiterate a point I made a few months back.  It is likened unto the men who laid their coats at the feet of Saul when they stoned Steven.  Saul was approving of the action.  Similarly, the Church is approving of the action if they are allowing their Church building to be used for this purpose.

Hey, maybe I am wrong.  maybe the jab is really saving millions of people worldwide.  Maybe these people dying are not a result of vaccine damage.  I am open to debating the issue with any Church leaders who think I am wrong on this issue.  Oh sorry, I forgot, we are not allowed to question the official narrative.

Do you still really think we live in a free and democratic country?  No, we live in a country where people get imprisoned for investigative journalism and exposing the truth.  There are plenty of examples of this in the UK if you open your eyes.  I wonder how long before they come for me?

5 thoughts on “Are Churches Complicit in Genocide?”

  1. Excellent comments Jim. Just a note that the thalidomide ‘side effects’ were not recognised for a long time, hence the high number of problems before it was pulled – far more than for any other dangerous drug. This was partly because of gestation period, and partly because a very small number of people were involved – a) they had to be pregnant women, and b) it depended on how far they were into the pregnancy when they took thalidomide. There was no formal reporting system for drug problems at the time. It took one doctor to notice 2 damaged babies in his practice, mention it to a colleague, and start putting the puzzle together, before any widespread notice was taken. The covid injections are on a different scale and have a reporting system in place which showed the damage immediately! I showed the data to my local pastor – he won’t listen. Therefore complicity in genocide is the accurate term.

  2. So sad to see how the church is complicit in this GENOCIDE. People are either sleep walking or do not want to face the truth of what is happening.
    The longer that these people are willing to sell their souls the longer this will go on until God our father steps in which I have no doubt he will. 🙏🏽

  3. Hello I think you might all be interested in this Mark Steyn (GB News) video about the results of the third vaccine. It is a real eye opener.

    Genocide is the right word to use.


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