Are we spreading fear?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the government and mainstream media have conducted a massive campaign of fear on the nations of the world.  They have even admitted that themselves.  Should the Church take part in that campaign?

Wearing cotton masks have been proven in studies to be ineffective as the standard of the masks is not high enough to stop respiratory diseases.  Forcing everyone to wear masks is merely symbolic rather than helpful.  Should the Church be ramping up this fear and encouraging the lie?

Social distancing goes against everything Jesus taught.  He always taught and demonstrated to us to get up close to people.  Separation is of the devil, certainly not from God.  Should the Church be going down this road?

The ‘Vaccines’ have now been proven to be causing harm, especially to young people, with very young children now having heart attacks just after getting the jab.  Should the Church not be taking a stance against this?  Is the Church’s job not to take care of children?

Maybe most Church leaders do not believe that anything untoward is going on.  That does seem to be the message I am seeing.  Then it must surely be a case of blindness and not wanting to know the truth.  Any Church leader is more than welcome to contact me and I will point them in the direction of the truth.

When the truth finally comes out, it is not going to look good for most Churches who eagerly went along with every single government edict, even remaining silent while the government is forcing people to take an untested medical procedure.

Oh! Sorry, the government is telling you the vaccines are fully tested.  It is a lie that is easily checked.  The trials do not end until 2023, look it up.  Are you still happy to have the government force people to take a medical procedure still under trial?  Shame on you church leaders!

Are you sacrificing your children?

Leviticus 20:20

The Lord said to Moses, Say to the Israelites: Any Israelite or any foreigner residing in Israel who sacrifices any of his children to Molek is to be put to death. The members of the community are to stone him.

God takes a very serious view of sacrificing children, yet here we are in the 2020s sacrificing our children to save granny and grandad.  Worse, the Church is going along with it and encouraging it.

There is absolutely no benefit to children having the vaccine since they are not at risk from Covid anyway.  There are, however, many risks with taking the vaccine, so why would we ask our children to make this sacrifice.  You can be sure that God is watching and is not happy.

God says that whoever goes along with this will be cut off from his people.  It does not bode well for those in the Church accepting this.

What really happened over the past 2 years?

We are all trying to make sense of what really happened over the past two years.  Deep down, we all know something is not quite right, but it is so confusing that we just can’t make much sense of it, so best just go along with the general consensus.

The trouble with going along with the general consensus is how do we know what the general consensus is these days.  That may seem like a strange remark since we can plainly see what is happening around us and what all the media is showing us.  But, what happens if a small group of people in the world own all the major news outlets?  Could they alter the perceived general consensus?

If we are to search the database for shareholders of the main news outlets of the world, we do see that the same people own every major media company, indeed, the same people own every single major company, in every country in the world.  This is no scam, go check the public data for yourself.

In the past one or two hundred years, we abolished slavery and advanced democracy to the stage where everyone pretty much had a vote.  We brought in great freedoms for every single person in our countries throughout the western world.  However, we must recognise that this was at the expense of one group, a small group of powerful elites who could no longer do as they pleased.  These people were determined to change that.

The past two years have been the result of decades of planning and manipulation.  They could not have carried out the plan of the past two years without firstly accustomizing the public to follow orders.  For the past thirty years, there has been a growing imposition of procedures in the work, in education and even at home, which has reinforced the message to follow orders, do not question authority.

While this was happening, the education establishment was being infiltrated by the elite to put in place clever people who do not question what they are told. This was absolutely necessary to carry out their plan.  They needed a generation who would accept what they are told, unquestioning.  Slowly they gained total control of schools and universities and were ready to launch their next attempt at world dominance.

I am unsure whether Covid-19 was deliberately released or if they simply seized the opportunity, but looking back, it is simple to pick out most of what really happened.  It is inconceivable that politicians and governments are totally ineffective in every country, so we must assume that all major politicians were in on the plan and a part of it, for whatever reason.

The basis of the plan was that every government would defer to supranational bodies such as the UN, the WHO, the EU which have been put in place carefully over the past forty or fifty years.  This would ensure that every government was acting in unison.

Every major media company would also be subject to the same bodies and kept sweet by the injection of massive amounts of advertising revenue, direct from the government.  Failure to follow the script would mean the immediate withdrawal of support and the collapse of the company.

When the first news started to break about Covid-19, it was essential that it was backed up by the reality of deaths and even this was planned very meticulously.  I now focus on the UK, as this is what I see unfolding before me, but I assume all other countries had similar experiences.

A test was put in place for Covid-19 and directives ensured that there would be much higher levels of positive cases by increasing the amplification of the test beyond the recommended twenty-four times to forty-eight times, which would result in 95% false positives.  This would initially scare the public, but without actual deaths, may not last too long.

The Government was then instructed to send all elderly patients in hospitals to care homes to clear space for the coming onslaught of Covid patients.  These elderly people were sent to care homes with specific instructions.  Care homes were given procedures for caring for these elderly people.  If they had any illness, they were to be given a high dosage of Midazolam and put on ‘Do not resuscitate’ orders.  This would kill them within two to three days, creating the required deaths.

Have a think about this for a minute.  Do not resuscitate orders means that food and water are withdrawn.  How long do you think you would last without food and water?  The Midazolam would keep them quiet, so the only other problem was relatives interfering, so it was essential that all visiting was banned, allowing the murder to be carried out efficiently.

This is not to say that care home staff willfully murdered these elderly patients, but rather that they, unquestioningly followed orders to the letter, as they had been trained to do.  How could a mere nurse question the national health officer and his team?

Doctors would not visit these care homes and although no tests were carried out, every death in a care home was noted on the death certificate as a Covid-19 death.  This was the first act of genocide.

This is where the planners got clever.  They never told you these people died from Covid.  What they told you was that all these people were dying with Covid.  That meant that everyone who had a dodgy test could be classed as a Covid-19 death, regardless of what they really died from.  Government statistics show that apart from a small blip when they moved patients to care homes, deaths have been no different over the past two years to the previous twenty-five years.

So what happened to all the people who previously died from the Flu, from cancers, from accidents, from heart attacks and many other normal diseases?  Are we to accept that nobody was dying of these things?

After the initial period, the narrative was always going to be difficult to sustain and they needed a way to scare people into compliance.  the only way to do this was to create deaths.

When patients were admitted to the hospital, for whatever reason, they were given a flawed test for Covid-19.  If they tested positive, which most did, they were then started on a course of Remdesivir, which they had decreed was the treatment for Covid.

Past studies, which had been hidden and are now coming to light show that Remdesivir killed 50% of the people who took it and so it was a perfect drug for them to use which would show that huge amounts of those with Covid were dying.  This was the second act of genocide.

With the general population scared witless, the narrative was pushed that the only way out was through a vaccine program and these were rushed through with an alarming speed.  In truth, these ‘Vaccines’ had been in trials for a long time and their purpose was not to save lives, but rather to enslave them.

Since the first rollout of the ‘vaccines’, we can now trace the steady upward track of overall deaths, especially among the younger generation.  The ‘vaccines’, it was explained, only lasted so long, and a second shot would be required, followed by regular boosters.  This is the third act of genocide.

Governments tried to generate a narrative that only the unvaccinated were dying and so justify the need to curtail the freedoms of the unvaccinated and even impose vaccination on everyone in some countries.  We have now reached the original purpose of the entire scenario.  It was never about health.  The health scare was manufactured to achieve the end of total government control.

The scenario continues to limp on, but more and more people are starting to question the whole episode and the underlying ‘facts’.  This is my take on it and I am certain that history will reveal that I was not too far off the mark.

I could write much more but have tried to keep this as brief as possible to make it easier to read.  I am certain that in the future entire books will be written about what has transpired during the past two years.

We are dealing with very evil people here, far worse than Adolf Hitler.  These people will not give up and they have enormous resources at their disposal.  As we go forward, we need to watch every move, question everything we are told and reject every control that the government would put on us.

The truth is coming out

Despite the best efforts of governments and the mainstream media to hide the truth, as it always does, the truth is starting to emerge.

  1. There is now irrefutable proof that the vaccinated are more at risk of being hospitalised than the unvaccinated.
  2. Deaths in teenage boys have risen considerably above the long term average since the rollout of the vaccine to this age group.
  3. There has been a huge spike in the number of young, fit, healthy athletes suffering heart problems since the vaccinations began.
  4. The proof is emerging that the treatment for Covid killed more patients than covid did.

There are many people who will be brought to justice for what has happened over the past two years.  As the truth emerges, it is sad that Churches are still silent on the matter and still asking for ‘papers please’ to attend church.  It is the first time in my life that you have to give your name before you can go to Church.  What could possibly go wrong?

You don’t need to dread the plague

Psalm 91:5-6

Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the dangers of the day; nor dread the plagues of darkness, nor disasters in the morning.

Do we have a great God or not?  Christians, if you are living in fear of Covid-19, then you are denying this great Psalm.  You are denying the greatness of God and you are denying the word of God.

This is only one scripture in the bible that clearly tells us that God is in control and all these things which concern people in the world should not concern us.  That is not to say we will not catch it or even die from it.

Our times are in God’s hands and we will not depart this earth until the time which he has appointed for us to do so.  When that time comes, if it is not Covid, then it will be something else.  The key point is that this time is at God’s command and in his control.

It would seem that many Christians around the world have put much more faith in Governments and big pharma than they have in God.  Little wonder, many of them are being disappointed.

Church Leaders are approving the killing

Acts 9:1

And Saul approved of their killing him

Church leaders are in the same positions as teachers, doctors and other leaders.  Their congregations look to them for leadership and often order their lives around not only what they say, but also how they act.  They are in fact, role models for their congregations.

Many leaders and pastors are encouraging their congregation to get vaccinated and completely follow all government guidelines without even investigating properly the repercussions which are attributed to these killer vaccines.

It is becoming apparent now, more and more, that these vaccines have absolutely no benefit, but huge disadvantages.  Studies are beginning now to appear if you look beyond the mainstream media, that these vaccines are designed to kill, disable the body’s natural immune system and depopulate the world.

We see our loved ones dying even after they have had 3 shots of the vaccine.  We see those who have decided not to take the vaccine being excluded from society and the Church leaders are silent on this point.  This sends a message to their congregations that it is OK to vilify these people.  This puts Church leaders in the very same position as Saul who did not lift a finger but approved of those stoning Stephen.

Just enough truth

Genesis 3:1

Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?

The tactics of Satan haven’t changed much since man’s first encounter with him.  He is indeed crafty and puts enough truth into his lies to make them sound genuine.  This time, though, he has been more crafty than ever and has created such a web of deceit that he has fooled the vast majority of the population, including most of those in the Church.

They have taken a good PCR test and increased the multiplication rate to double the recommended rate to create false cases.  They have taken a good drug, Midazalom and administered ten times the recommended dose to murder old people and create the deaths they needed to scare people.

They have taken the media, bound them to their will by massive advertising campaigns which keeps them afloat, and have thus silenced all opposition to their narrative.

Never in the history of the world has there ever been such a fraud perpetrated on the human race, and we have seen some really bad examples.  The Nazis do not have a look in with what is going on right now all over the world.  This is evil beyond anything we have ever seen.  This is pure and simply genocide.

Thousands of people have died from these vaccines and millions injured, yet not a single word in the newspapers.  Churches were closed down in 2020 and only 27 ministers in Scotland would put their name to a challenge against this overreach. Ah! But God was on the side of those 27 and they defeated the Godless government.  It is now beyond time for all Churches to stand up and fight for the truth.

Churches silent on forced experimental vaccines

Why are we hearing a deafening silence from our Churches on citizens now being forced to take an experimental vaccine?

Why are we hearing a deafening silence from our Churches on the subject of the thousands who are dying from the Covid Vaccine?

Why are we hearing a deafening silence from our Churches on people being denied basic human rights and health care simply because they refuse an experimental medical procedure?

Why are hearing a deafening silence from our churches on people being locked up because they refuse an experimental medical procedure?

I know there are pastors and church leaders out there reading this, but do not have the guts to answer.  Here is what Jesus would say to you: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me”

Restrictions are from Satan

Revelation 13:16-17

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Every evangelical Christian knows that this is the end game and that th1s event will come to pass.  So, why is it that they are all blind when it is slipping in before their eyes?

Things like this never happen overnight, but it is a gradual phasing in, catching you in its web a little at a time.  So far, they have forced you to close your Church, then when they allowed you to open up, they have placed silly restrictions on you to get you used to the idea that you must obey them, rather than the Bible.

Now you are in the position that if someone comes to your church and cannot or prefers not to give you their details, you must turn them away.  The next step will be that you cannot let them in unless they can prove they are vaccinated.  Will you also go along with that?  Some Churches already do.

It is utterly amazing how few Christians have taken a stand against this growing tyranny.  Spineless Christians have rolled over to government demands about how to conduct Church.  How many of you will stand up and speak out when they start to take people like me away and lock us up?

You don’t think that will happen?  Wake up and look back at what you would not have believed two years ago.  Interment centres are already being built with a grant from Bill Gates.  Christians, if you continue to follow the restrictions of the government, then you are following the way of Satan, not of God.  Little wonder the Bible tells us that even the Elect will be deceived.

Wake up Christians before you are too late.  I will be locked up before I bow the knee to Satan.

A cry from the heart

How can decent folk support a government and a system which sacks healthy people from their work and denies them help of any kind, even health care? This is being done in the name of a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate. Do you really think this is justified? When will you say enough is enough?
Here is a cry I heard recently. “I know someone who’s in big trouble , lost his job , £10k of debts from loans and rent bills ect. Only 25 and wants to kill himself”.
Is that really the kind of world you want to live in?

Are you not seeing it yet?

The frog is being boiled very slowly and the frogs in the pot are still unaware of what is going on.  Things that last year were a conspiracy theory, this year are reality.

Last year Covid passports were denied, and after I wrote a book on the subject, I received much criticism and abuse. (  I was even banned from taking any part in my Church.

This year, Covid passports are a reality and the talk has now shifted to making it easier by having the passport placed on a chip and implanted in the back of your hand.  Now, where have we heard this before?

For decades, Brethern and other Evangelical Churches have talked about the ‘mark of the beast’ and told us how ‘one-world government’ would be in place during the end times.  Now that it is finally forming and coming into being, there is total silence on the subject from Church leaders.

How much further does it have to go before you all wake up to the fact that you have been conned into all this by very clever, but evil men?

Our God is an awesome God

I have to admit, I went to bed rather despondent last night.  The prayer on my lips as laid my head down was for God to show me some direction.

I awoke this morning with an incredible sense of the power of God and the sense that God is ready to blow on the house of cards that man has erected.

I felt God tell me that not only does he go forth in power, but I also go forth in power if I go forth in his name.  The mighty power we sometimes see displayed in natural disasters is nothing compared to the power of our God.