Are you not seeing it yet?

The frog is being boiled very slowly and the frogs in the pot are still unaware of what is going on.  Things that last year were a conspiracy theory, this year are reality.

Last year Covid passports were denied, and after I wrote a book on the subject, I received much criticism and abuse. (  I was even banned from taking any part in my Church.

This year, Covid passports are a reality and the talk has now shifted to making it easier by having the passport placed on a chip and implanted in the back of your hand.  Now, where have we heard this before?

For decades, Brethern and other Evangelical Churches have talked about the ‘mark of the beast’ and told us how ‘one-world government’ would be in place during the end times.  Now that it is finally forming and coming into being, there is total silence on the subject from Church leaders.

How much further does it have to go before you all wake up to the fact that you have been conned into all this by very clever, but evil men?

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