Muddied waters

Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked. Proverbs 25v26

I read this verse this morning and thought how appropriate it was to what was going on in many Churches.  In many Churches, there are good people, who are giving way to wickedness and are muddying the waters.

These days, everyone wants to forget about COVID and everything that happened during these years.  The attitude is that it is all in the past and can be forgotten about now.

The big problem with that is that what happened was so horrendous that, if it is glossed over, then it will happen again.  If the Church does not learn from the mistakes it made, then it will drift further from the truth and be even more unable to discern the truth when something similar happens in the future.

Truth be told, the same is already happening in many different spheres.  Lies are continually being peddled by governments and mainstream media and the Church is, largely, unable to see them.

The media continually talks about misinformation.  There is truth and there are lies.  It is one or the other, misinformation does not exist.  These are things the government and mainstream media do not want you to know.

I was challenged by a message from the pulpit this morning that we should submit to those in leadership of the church.  How can I do that when the leadership wishes to silence me and stop me from publishing the messages I feel God has placed on my heart?