The importance of community

Governments worldwide have been isolating their population and discouraging community spirit for a long time.  There has been a deliberate attempt to paint the government as the answer to all our problems.

The past two years have been an acceleration of this push, while at the same time, punishing those who would stand together.  The elite of this world have largely achieved their goals of total control over our lives, but what comes next?

There is much speculation about what comes next, but whatever it is, we are easy prey if we are isolated and on our own.  In history, it is notable how all despotic regimes start by picking off those isolated around the fringes.

The biggest mistake the Nazis made was in placing the Jews in a ghetto.  individually, the Jews went along with everything the Nazis demanded.  In a community, they had strength and began to fight back.

Now is the time for us, who see what is coming down the road, to form ourselves into a strong community.  I would love to hear your views, your suggestions and ideas.