Devoid of Truth

2 Chronicles 34 v 19

 When the king heard the words of the Law, he tore his robes.

Josiah was the last truly independent king in Judah before the captivity.  When Josiah died, Judah had a series of puppet kings under Egypt, then Babylon, before they were completely carried away into exile.

Josiah was a good king.  Prior to this event, he had humbled himself and rooted out all the idolatry in Judah.  Because of his faithfulness, God had told him that he would die with the country still at peace.  God was pleased with him because his heart was right.

However, just prior to this verse, the book of the law had been found.  When Josiah heard it read, he tore his clothes because he only just realised how far from God’s standards the nation had fallen.  Josiah was a good king, his heart was right with God, but ultimately, he had no idea of the truth as standards had slipped so far.

I believe this is where the Church is today.  We are one good leader away from destruction because we have simply let standards slip to such a degree that we no longer know the truth.  Because we have slipped so far, we do not recognise evil and lies when we are confronted by them.

Church leaders were generally not able to recognise the evil agenda and corruption behind the Covid scam.  Neither can they see the evil that underpins the Ukraine scenario.  Neither can they discern the corruption and election fraud that is taking place in many countries throughout the world.  Neither can they fathom the depth of propaganda that the mainstream media is continuously bombarding them with.

The Church as we know it is all but done, ready for total capitulation and collapse.  However, God will never be without a witness and he will continue to build his Church, but it will be a much different church than in the past.  God will consign the current faithless Church to history and raise up a new Church to serve him and save the world.

One thought on “Devoid of Truth”

  1. The ‘professing church’ has allowed imposters in …either it’s deliberate or the wrong leaders have got in ( through previously poor leaders or systems) …people who fail to discern the danger we have been through and events leading up to it are not fit to be in leadership because they aren’t hearing from God … they should be removed and sent back to Sunday school or to clean the bathrooms for some valuable thinking time …..learning to hear the voice of God for the first time or reconnect …..otherwise they need to go ….but we should now infiltrate them and find ways to tell the truth ….take back what belongs to God 🙏 what have we got to lose?

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