Where are the brave people?

We must hope that the war in Ukraine does not escalate to a world war or even a European war, because we have very few brave people left in the Western world.

There are very few politicians who are willing to speak up about what is clearly a breakdown in politics, the fact that there is absolutely no difference between any of the parties now.

There are very few journalists willing to speak up when they are told they are not allowed to report the truth.

There are very few doctors willing to speak up about being told they are not allowed to prescribe tried and tested drugs, or that people dying of natural causes being designated as dying of Covid, or keeping quiet about the sudden death syndrome being only in vaccinated people.

There are very few policemen willing to speak out about the bias in the police agenda and how they are being ordered to attack peaceful protestors.

There are very few teachers willing to speak out against the standards of education which have plummeted in the last few decades.

There are vey few ordinary people willing to speak up about the inconsistencies in the narrative which we are being fed. There are very few people willing to question why every death within 28 days of a test are treated as a Covid death, when overall death levels have not changed.

No, sadly, there are very few brave people around, because they have seen that those who have spoken up have lost their jobs and often been ruined. No dissension is allowed at all. We have become a communist country where you are not even allowed to question the narrative, because that is dangerous. Dangerous to who?

But, the ones I am really surprised about are Church leaders who seem to have lost all there spine. Church leaders are not stupid people, so they must be able to sense something is wrong, just the same as I did. So why have they not spoken up? When will they speak up?

Will they speak up when people cannot heat their homes because there is a 20% premium on their power to subsidize green electricity?  Will they speak up when people cannot get food, while our governments pay farmers not to produce?  Will they speak up when we get hyper inflation due to the massive amounts of money printing?

Sorry guys, by that time it will be too late when your congregations are dying. If you cannot see the truth in front of you, then you are not fit to be pastors.  You are a total disgrace, leading your flocks astray, the blind leading the blind.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood

Ephesians 6 v 12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

Awake folks who are not Christians, this is especially for you.  You have been awakened to the evil that is going on in this world and you recognize that something is going on at a much higher level than we first thought.

Perhaps you have even come to acknowledge the existence of Satan and demons and now see how their evil permeates all of society.  Perhaps you have come to acknowledge that spiritual darkness exists and even appears to be winning the battle of good against evil.

If this is you and you acknowledge the existence of evil, the devil and his evil spiritual powers, then how can you continue to deny the existence of God?  Don’t you realise that this is simply another of his ploys to keep you ignorant of the real life-giver, to keep you ignorant of the one who can give you the peace that passes all understanding?

If you acknowledge the existence of evil, then you must acknowledge the existence of good.  How can you acknowledge both of these exist without coming to the conclusion that a spiritual world exists on a different dimension to our earthly life?

Your eyes have been opened by God to the evil that surrounds us when even those in the Church remain blind.  You have been given an unprecedented opportunity that the rest of the world does not enjoy.  You now have a choice to make.

You have probably investigated hundreds of rabbit holes by now but are still refusing to go down the ‘God’ rabbit hole.  You will not read the Bible to see what it says, you will not go to Church to see what it is all about.  You will not simply talk to God and see if he replies.

Why!  You are really no different to the sleeping population in the one area that really matters.  You have been favoured by God already, but do not assume that it will continue if you refuse to acknowledge him.  You now have the opportunity to go along to an Awake Church and see what it is all really about.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime when God is favouring you.

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History is a great teacher

I have had some questions based on my last post, basically, how do we aspire to a ‘whiter than white’ life?  We can’t!

I love to read the Old Testament and learn from history.  Jesus tried to pack as much into his three-and-a-half-year ministry as possible, but we also have the history of the nation of Israel going back the previous two thousand years to learn from.

Do we need to be whiter than white?  No!  Take the example of King David.  He was an adulterer, a murderer and much more, yet God said he was a man after his own heart.  It is the heart and our faith that counts.

In a secular world, we may struggle to live the pure life we should, but what is our genuine, deepest heart’s desire?  That is what counts.  God knows our most profound thoughts and he also knows our deepest feelings.  He knows what we need and we need to trust him for those things, but we also need to trust him that he will accept us, failings included.

There are times, however, when a little more is needed.  Take the example of King Josiah.  He was a good king, yet he was living in ignorance.  It wasn’t until the high priest read the book of the law to him that he understood how far the nation had fallen, and he took steps which were unprecedented in the living memory of the population.

Awake Christians have had their eyes opened, just as Josiah had, and that means we need to take action.  The actions Josiah took weren’t only of a spiritual nature, but also in the full knowledge of where the physical destiny of the nation lay if they followed their current path.

We also see where our nation is headed, and we should be mourning and shocked, just as Josiah was.  Perhaps we are not in the position of influence that Josiah was, but there are things we can do to attempt to change the path our nation is on.  Each of us needs to be on our knees asking God, what he wants us to do.

Our main responsibility, however, is according to the writings of Paul in 2 Corinthians 6 and verse 17, where he says ‘Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord’.  We need to start tearing down the wordly altars in our own lives.  Probably television would be a good start as it truly spouts evil into our very homes.

We need to start separating ourselves from the world and its ways.  There are many ways to do this, and none of them will be easy, but to do nothing is to accept that either we are happy in the world or that nothing can be done.  The latter denies the power of God and demonstrates our lack of faith.

We may not be successful, but that is not what matters.  Josiah did not manage to change the course Judah was on.  He was one of the greatest kings of Judah, but his son after him, was one of the most evil kings, sealing the doom of the nation.

This may also mean coming out from fellowship with an established Church as I was forced to do.  It will most certainly, at some point, mean forging relationships with like-minded Christians who have the heart of God (See https://www.awakecommunities.co.uk).  This will not be easy either, as our culture and our nation have pushed us away from others over the past 50-100 years.  Sadly, the Church has followed this example and most Christians have little interactive relations outside of one hour on a Sunday.

Like Josiah, we need to read the book, and I am certain, that by doing this, we will begin to see how far we have fallen as a Church.  Don’t worry about the world.  The Church is our concern.

You are the light of the world

Matthew Ch. 5 v 14

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden

If you are in a room at night and someone switches the light off, you are in darkness.  The reason you are in darkness is that the light is not shining.  Similarly, if the world is in darkness, it is because the light is not shining.  Who is the light?

As the Church, we cannot escape the reality that we are the light.  Jesus told us that.  Also, we can not escape the fact that our light is not shining.  If our light was shining, the world could not possibly be in darkness.

As Christians, we tend to think we are OK, it is the world that is the problem.  It is the world we are living in which is corrupt, evil and God-rejecting.  Unfortunately, this just doesn’t tie in with the teachings of Jesus and neither does it tie in with the examples of history.

All my life, I have seen the world growing darker and darker and when I look back, I can discern that the light of the Church is growing dimmer and dimmer.

We look out on our world and wring our hands and wonder when it is going to start getting better.  We would do better to examine the Church and see what the problem is there.  The world cannot emerge from darkness until the light is switched back on.  The problems in the world will never be resolved until the Church returns to God.

I do realise that many Christians will take offence at being told we have to return to God.  They will say, “We have never left God”.

No?  Read through the remainder of the “Sermon on the Mount” and contemplate it.  Are you living it?  I will be honest, I am not!

Ch6v19 Do not store up treasures on earth

Ch6v25 Do not worry about life

Ch6v33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

The idea is summarized in verse 24, You cannot serve God and Money.

The humble believer will bow his head in shame and admit that we are far too concerned with money.  I know I am, and it needs to change.