Where are the brave people?

We must hope that the war in Ukraine does not escalate to a world war or even a European war, because we have very few brave people left in the Western world.

There are very few politicians who are willing to speak up about what is clearly a breakdown in politics, the fact that there is absolutely no difference between any of the parties now.

There are very few journalists willing to speak up when they are told they are not allowed to report the truth.

There are very few doctors willing to speak up about being told they are not allowed to prescribe tried and tested drugs, or that people dying of natural causes being designated as dying of Covid, or keeping quiet about the sudden death syndrome being only in vaccinated people.

There are very few policemen willing to speak out about the bias in the police agenda and how they are being ordered to attack peaceful protestors.

There are very few teachers willing to speak out against the standards of education which have plummeted in the last few decades.

There are vey few ordinary people willing to speak up about the inconsistencies in the narrative which we are being fed. There are very few people willing to question why every death within 28 days of a test are treated as a Covid death, when overall death levels have not changed.

No, sadly, there are very few brave people around, because they have seen that those who have spoken up have lost their jobs and often been ruined. No dissension is allowed at all. We have become a communist country where you are not even allowed to question the narrative, because that is dangerous. Dangerous to who?

But, the ones I am really surprised about are Church leaders who seem to have lost all there spine. Church leaders are not stupid people, so they must be able to sense something is wrong, just the same as I did. So why have they not spoken up? When will they speak up?

Will they speak up when people cannot heat their homes because there is a 20% premium on their power to subsidize green electricity?  Will they speak up when people cannot get food, while our governments pay farmers not to produce?  Will they speak up when we get hyper inflation due to the massive amounts of money printing?

Sorry guys, by that time it will be too late when your congregations are dying. If you cannot see the truth in front of you, then you are not fit to be pastors.  You are a total disgrace, leading your flocks astray, the blind leading the blind.

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