What happens when the Church does not recognize truth?

Isaiah 56:10

Israel’s watchmen are blind,
    they all lack knowledge;
they are all mute dogs,
    they cannot bark;
they lie around and dream,
    they love to sleep.

Events of the past 2 years have shown us that not only have the Churches and their leaders not tested the spirits, but they have absolutely refused to examine and study the evidence.  Therefore, they have departed from the truth.

Many pastors and leaders seem to think that the only place they need to seek out the truth is in the Bible.  if they live by the Bible and what it says, then all will be well.  In this way, they learn the Bible, decide where they stand and continue in this stance forever after.

The problem with this stance is that it ignores the changing circumstances around us.  Many pastors, for example, believe that we need to subject ourselves to the governing authority of our country, and they will stick with that view, regardless of the changing nature of the government.

Our governments in the western world have long shown a total disregard for the ways of God, and have been slowly moving into a position which is in direct opposition to God.  They have finally thrown in their lot with Satan and are advancing his plans to dominate the world.

For the past two years, the lies our western governments have been telling us are very plain for anyone who searches for the truth to see.  Millions of people can see very clearly what is going on, but Church leaders are blissfully ignorant of the agenda and steadfastly refuse even to look at the evidence.

For whatever reason, the Church is largely ignorant of the truth that surrounds us in normal life, so how can anyone trust them with the real truth?  Why has God blinded the Church leaders to the truth?  It is staggering to realise that Church leaders we once looked up to are totally ignorant of the momentous events happening around us, and refuse to listen to the truth.

What lies have our government told us over the past two years?

There is a pandemic – Lie

Many people have died of covid – Lie

The only solution is a vaccine – Lie

Masks prevent transmission – Lie

Social distancing works – Lie

We must be very fearful of covid – Lie

The vaccine is 100% safe – Lie

The vaccine works – Lie

There are many more lies, don’t get me started on the lies around the Ukrainian situation, but the majority of Church leaders have not seen them.  What a shameful testimony.  God has cast you aside and blinded your eyes.

You can still reach out and discover the truth.  I can tell you where to look for it if you only want to really know the truth.

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