Are we spreading fear?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the government and mainstream media have conducted a massive campaign of fear on the nations of the world.  They have even admitted that themselves.  Should the Church take part in that campaign?

Wearing cotton masks have been proven in studies to be ineffective as the standard of the masks is not high enough to stop respiratory diseases.  Forcing everyone to wear masks is merely symbolic rather than helpful.  Should the Church be ramping up this fear and encouraging the lie?

Social distancing goes against everything Jesus taught.  He always taught and demonstrated to us to get up close to people.  Separation is of the devil, certainly not from God.  Should the Church be going down this road?

The ‘Vaccines’ have now been proven to be causing harm, especially to young people, with very young children now having heart attacks just after getting the jab.  Should the Church not be taking a stance against this?  Is the Church’s job not to take care of children?

Maybe most Church leaders do not believe that anything untoward is going on.  That does seem to be the message I am seeing.  Then it must surely be a case of blindness and not wanting to know the truth.  Any Church leader is more than welcome to contact me and I will point them in the direction of the truth.

When the truth finally comes out, it is not going to look good for most Churches who eagerly went along with every single government edict, even remaining silent while the government is forcing people to take an untested medical procedure.

Oh! Sorry, the government is telling you the vaccines are fully tested.  It is a lie that is easily checked.  The trials do not end until 2023, look it up.  Are you still happy to have the government force people to take a medical procedure still under trial?  Shame on you church leaders!

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