Church Leaders are approving the killing

Acts 9:1

And Saul approved of their killing him

Church leaders are in the same positions as teachers, doctors and other leaders.  Their congregations look to them for leadership and often order their lives around not only what they say, but also how they act.  They are in fact, role models for their congregations.

Many leaders and pastors are encouraging their congregation to get vaccinated and completely follow all government guidelines without even investigating properly the repercussions which are attributed to these killer vaccines.

It is becoming apparent now, more and more, that these vaccines have absolutely no benefit, but huge disadvantages.  Studies are beginning now to appear if you look beyond the mainstream media, that these vaccines are designed to kill, disable the body’s natural immune system and depopulate the world.

We see our loved ones dying even after they have had 3 shots of the vaccine.  We see those who have decided not to take the vaccine being excluded from society and the Church leaders are silent on this point.  This sends a message to their congregations that it is OK to vilify these people.  This puts Church leaders in the very same position as Saul who did not lift a finger but approved of those stoning Stephen.

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