You don’t need to dread the plague

Psalm 91:5-6

Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the dangers of the day; nor dread the plagues of darkness, nor disasters in the morning.

Do we have a great God or not?  Christians, if you are living in fear of Covid-19, then you are denying this great Psalm.  You are denying the greatness of God and you are denying the word of God.

This is only one scripture in the bible that clearly tells us that God is in control and all these things which concern people in the world should not concern us.  That is not to say we will not catch it or even die from it.

Our times are in God’s hands and we will not depart this earth until the time which he has appointed for us to do so.  When that time comes, if it is not Covid, then it will be something else.  The key point is that this time is at God’s command and in his control.

It would seem that many Christians around the world have put much more faith in Governments and big pharma than they have in God.  Little wonder, many of them are being disappointed.

4 thoughts on “You don’t need to dread the plague”

  1. Spot on Jim. No need to take unnecessary risks, but neither should we shrink back from living and walking by faith. The great 18th Century preacher George Whitefield put it well: “Man is immortal until his work is done.” While God still has work for us to do, we go forward in His strength; when our life’s work is ended, it doesn’t matter whether we die of old age or something else, because we’re going HOME! Home to the realms of glory, home to be with Christ, which is “VERY – FAR – BETTER”! One wonders which part of that statement fearful Christians don’t get!

  2. Of course, many Christians would say that we’re not living in fear by taking precautions – but also protecting the vulnerable around us. I’m not sure this determination to hold onto “MY freedom” is necessarily the most Godly way to go…

    1. I have heard very few people talking about ‘My freedom’. Most people I have heard are talking about ‘Our freedom’. During the wars, men did not go to war to preserve their own freedom, but rather the freedom of their children. Similarly, those who are in the frontline of this fight have lost more than most, many having lost jobs and been hauled through courts, etc. Nobody would do this for their own gain, it is a deep-seated sense of injustice against all that breeds this type of unselfish act.

  3. I have stopped attending my church as I am not wearing a mask or socially distancing. I love my pastor and his wife. They have been my friends and mentors for many years. I have many beautiful friends in my church but I cannot live in fear. I was hoodwinked for a few months at first but then saw through this when things just didn’t make sense. I am blessed enough to have found along with my daughter and her family and a handful of other awake Christians from my church a Nigerian church whose pastor is awake and unafraid. I feel for others though who cannot find local awake churches or Christians to fellowship with. We are a minority it seems. I pray for more pastors and believers to wake up to the truth. God bless this ministry of church without fear. Fear is from the enemy!

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