What really happened over the past 2 years?

We are all trying to make sense of what really happened over the past two years.  Deep down, we all know something is not quite right, but it is so confusing that we just can’t make much sense of it, so best just go along with the general consensus.

The trouble with going along with the general consensus is how do we know what the general consensus is these days.  That may seem like a strange remark since we can plainly see what is happening around us and what all the media is showing us.  But, what happens if a small group of people in the world own all the major news outlets?  Could they alter the perceived general consensus?

If we are to search the database for shareholders of the main news outlets of the world, we do see that the same people own every major media company, indeed, the same people own every single major company, in every country in the world.  This is no scam, go check the public data for yourself.

In the past one or two hundred years, we abolished slavery and advanced democracy to the stage where everyone pretty much had a vote.  We brought in great freedoms for every single person in our countries throughout the western world.  However, we must recognise that this was at the expense of one group, a small group of powerful elites who could no longer do as they pleased.  These people were determined to change that.

The past two years have been the result of decades of planning and manipulation.  They could not have carried out the plan of the past two years without firstly accustomizing the public to follow orders.  For the past thirty years, there has been a growing imposition of procedures in the work, in education and even at home, which has reinforced the message to follow orders, do not question authority.

While this was happening, the education establishment was being infiltrated by the elite to put in place clever people who do not question what they are told. This was absolutely necessary to carry out their plan.  They needed a generation who would accept what they are told, unquestioning.  Slowly they gained total control of schools and universities and were ready to launch their next attempt at world dominance.

I am unsure whether Covid-19 was deliberately released or if they simply seized the opportunity, but looking back, it is simple to pick out most of what really happened.  It is inconceivable that politicians and governments are totally ineffective in every country, so we must assume that all major politicians were in on the plan and a part of it, for whatever reason.

The basis of the plan was that every government would defer to supranational bodies such as the UN, the WHO, the EU which have been put in place carefully over the past forty or fifty years.  This would ensure that every government was acting in unison.

Every major media company would also be subject to the same bodies and kept sweet by the injection of massive amounts of advertising revenue, direct from the government.  Failure to follow the script would mean the immediate withdrawal of support and the collapse of the company.

When the first news started to break about Covid-19, it was essential that it was backed up by the reality of deaths and even this was planned very meticulously.  I now focus on the UK, as this is what I see unfolding before me, but I assume all other countries had similar experiences.

A test was put in place for Covid-19 and directives ensured that there would be much higher levels of positive cases by increasing the amplification of the test beyond the recommended twenty-four times to forty-eight times, which would result in 95% false positives.  This would initially scare the public, but without actual deaths, may not last too long.

The Government was then instructed to send all elderly patients in hospitals to care homes to clear space for the coming onslaught of Covid patients.  These elderly people were sent to care homes with specific instructions.  Care homes were given procedures for caring for these elderly people.  If they had any illness, they were to be given a high dosage of Midazolam and put on ‘Do not resuscitate’ orders.  This would kill them within two to three days, creating the required deaths.

Have a think about this for a minute.  Do not resuscitate orders means that food and water are withdrawn.  How long do you think you would last without food and water?  The Midazolam would keep them quiet, so the only other problem was relatives interfering, so it was essential that all visiting was banned, allowing the murder to be carried out efficiently.

This is not to say that care home staff willfully murdered these elderly patients, but rather that they, unquestioningly followed orders to the letter, as they had been trained to do.  How could a mere nurse question the national health officer and his team?

Doctors would not visit these care homes and although no tests were carried out, every death in a care home was noted on the death certificate as a Covid-19 death.  This was the first act of genocide.

This is where the planners got clever.  They never told you these people died from Covid.  What they told you was that all these people were dying with Covid.  That meant that everyone who had a dodgy test could be classed as a Covid-19 death, regardless of what they really died from.  Government statistics show that apart from a small blip when they moved patients to care homes, deaths have been no different over the past two years to the previous twenty-five years.

So what happened to all the people who previously died from the Flu, from cancers, from accidents, from heart attacks and many other normal diseases?  Are we to accept that nobody was dying of these things?

After the initial period, the narrative was always going to be difficult to sustain and they needed a way to scare people into compliance.  the only way to do this was to create deaths.

When patients were admitted to the hospital, for whatever reason, they were given a flawed test for Covid-19.  If they tested positive, which most did, they were then started on a course of Remdesivir, which they had decreed was the treatment for Covid.

Past studies, which had been hidden and are now coming to light show that Remdesivir killed 50% of the people who took it and so it was a perfect drug for them to use which would show that huge amounts of those with Covid were dying.  This was the second act of genocide.

With the general population scared witless, the narrative was pushed that the only way out was through a vaccine program and these were rushed through with an alarming speed.  In truth, these ‘Vaccines’ had been in trials for a long time and their purpose was not to save lives, but rather to enslave them.

Since the first rollout of the ‘vaccines’, we can now trace the steady upward track of overall deaths, especially among the younger generation.  The ‘vaccines’, it was explained, only lasted so long, and a second shot would be required, followed by regular boosters.  This is the third act of genocide.

Governments tried to generate a narrative that only the unvaccinated were dying and so justify the need to curtail the freedoms of the unvaccinated and even impose vaccination on everyone in some countries.  We have now reached the original purpose of the entire scenario.  It was never about health.  The health scare was manufactured to achieve the end of total government control.

The scenario continues to limp on, but more and more people are starting to question the whole episode and the underlying ‘facts’.  This is my take on it and I am certain that history will reveal that I was not too far off the mark.

I could write much more but have tried to keep this as brief as possible to make it easier to read.  I am certain that in the future entire books will be written about what has transpired during the past two years.

We are dealing with very evil people here, far worse than Adolf Hitler.  These people will not give up and they have enormous resources at their disposal.  As we go forward, we need to watch every move, question everything we are told and reject every control that the government would put on us.

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this article! I totally agree with you. It’s very sad (and shameful really) that the church would stay silent over what has been happening these past couple of years… The evil is so great that people prefer going the easy way: ignorance and compliance. May the Lord have mercy!
    Here is my website: http://free2shine.net I have written a few articles about this crisis and posted info about the vax.
    Blessings to you.

    1. i totally agree. Thank you for this wonderful website – i hope it wakes more Christians up before they take more and more of what could become the mark of the Beast. See also good preachers like Stephen Buckley of My King Church in Manchester. Listen to him on myking.com where he has a talk called ‘Wake with me”. See also the conference Truth and Health with a talk called a Biblical Response to Vaccine Mandates by John-Williams Noble. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVAiWOHQ4ac

      I would challenge all Christians to not comply with mask mandates in churches. Find a church where you can worship and fellowship freely. We cannot worship Christ the Living God when submitting to an immoral Government mandate to cover our faces. Our God calls us to seek his face with unveiled faces. We ask God to ‘let us see His face’. Shouldn’t He ask us ‘let Me see your face’?

      Also see Dave Brennon of Brephos or CBR’s acticle on the abortion tainted vaccines. https://irreverend.buzzsprout.com/1303861/9234563

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