The truth shall set you free

Every Christian and every preacher will agree that we need to diligently search the scriptures for the truth, but does our obligation stop there?  Do we not also have an obligation to seek out the truth in every walk of life?

Over the past 18 months, we have been subject to what can only be called propaganda from the government and mainstream media.  The vast majority of Christians, including leaders and pastors, have simply accepted the lies as truth, and so have led their congregations into danger.

I believe that every leader and pastor needs to be spiritually discerning and failure to search out the truth, leaves them in error, whether that be the truth of the scripture or in temporal matters.

The truth is no longer to be found from government sources or in the mainstream media.  Your television is a source of propaganda, designed to confuse you and cause you distress.  I think it is the duty of every Christian to seek out the truth through other channels.  I list two such channels below for you to consider.

Unity News Network – or

UK Column –

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