Where are the Church when people need help?

I just read a post on Facebook,

“I’m so lost and scared right now.
I turn to you God, I’ve no firm foundation.
Bring me peace.”

How many millions are there out there who are lost and scared?  These are exactly the people who the Church is supposed to be there to help.  Christians are supposed to be the ones who have the answers.  Do you remember when we used to sing that song, “Christ is the answer to my every need”?

The trouble is that right now the Church is just as lost and just as scared as the rest of the world.  You go to a Church and are told where you have to sit and social distance, wear a mask, don’t touch anyone, the list goes on.

Jesus lived in a time when people had to socially distance themselves from lepers.  What did Jesus do?  He went right up to the lepers and touched them.

If you do not believe that God can protect you, then you have no business being part of a Church and certainly no business declaring that you believe in the power of God!

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