What is going on in our world?

I’ll bet you wish you had a pound for every time you had heard those words.  We look around us at some of the strange things which are going on in our world and in our country and wonder what on earth is going on.

The truth is that God is sitting on the throne, still in control, which is more than you can say for our governments.  Behind almost every government in the world, stands, not God, but Satan.  Every government, almost without exception, has sold out their souls to Satan.

Satan has an agenda.  He wants to take over control from God.  As Christians, we have always known this.  The trouble is, he does not have the power of God, so he has to fake it.  He strives to present himself to men as equal standing with God.

Just as God is in complete control, Satan would like to show that he is in complete control.  Time and time again, we hear politicians tell us not to worry, they have everything under control.  When you hear that, you know something is wrong.  We can see it, everything keeps getting worse and we are living in a house of cards that is shortly going to collapse.

None of this is taking God by surprise.  The prophecy in the Bible talks about all these things happening in the end times.  It talks about evil men who oppose God and try to rule the world mercilessly.  It also talks about the day when it will all collapse and be destroyed.

Where will you stand on that day?  What will happen to you on that day?

It’s coming fast.  As a Christian, what should you be doing?

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