We will remember them

Tomorrow many will gather to remember the fallen in the wars of the 20th century.  Brave men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedoms.  It is with gratitude that we remember these men and women who have enabled me to live a free and enjoyable life into my 60s.

However, something is going to stick in my craw tomorrow as our politicians and leaders lay wreaths at the cenotaph.  These same politicians and leaders are conspiring with foreign entities to remove our freedoms and coerce us into taking an experimental gene therapy treatment of which we have very little detail, and appears to be killing people.

Further, these same leaders are presiding over a period when all opposition is being silenced and brutally put down.  Those who would speak out against what they see as wrong are being vilified, silenced, ruined and broken.  This is not what our brave ancestors fought for.  This is what they fought against.

Yes, tomorrow I will remember the heroes of the 20th century, but I will also remember the new heroes that are with us today and trying to hold our governments to account and suffering terribly for their actions.  I will remember those whose lives have been ruined in the past five years due to government-led suppression.  I will fondly remember democracy in the UK.

One thought on “We will remember them”

  1. I was a nurse in a care home.
    Dismissed from my job on 11/11 and asked to leave the building immediately mid way through my shift.
    My forefathers fought for my freedoms which are being stripped away.
    A truly sad and shameful day 💔😢

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