The New Normal

The new normal is to believe everything that the government and mainstream media tell you.  I remember the days when no one believed politicians and virtually everyone would say that there is not one single honest politician alive.

What has changed so that the majority of us now believe everything the government tell us, without question?  The ownership of the media is what has changed.  Every single major news company is bought and paid for by the same people who own the politicians, so this is why you get the same story from them all.  What is more, these same people own all the universities and schools, the police and the judiciary and virtually every major corporation in the world.

The entire Covid narrative was beginning to unravel, so it was decided that we needed something to divert the attention of the people from Covid lest it become an outcry.  Two weeks ago, the press could talk about nothing apart from Covid, but now they can talk about nothing apart from Ukraine.

Unfortunately, like Covid, when you research independently, the reports in the mainstream media do not add up.  It would seem that the vast majority of the public have been completely mesmerised by the media and the elites are rejoicing that they finally have full control of the entire world.

We awake people must realise that we lost the Covid battle, and without a pause, we are moving to the next battle.  The war is not in Ukraine, it is in our minds.  Those who do not see it never will see it until they are bound up in chains so tight that they cannot escape.  We who are awake would be better served by preparing for what we know is coming.

Canada has shown the route they will take.  When you disagree with the government, you will have your bank account frozen with no way of buying or selling.  Ah!  Wait a minute, is that not what the Bible told us almost 2,000 years ago was going to happen.

Yes, the Bible told us we will not be able to buy or sell without the ‘Mark of the beast’.  It may take a while, but you can definitely see things moving slowly towards that place.  Be ready.  The police won’t help you.  The big companies won’t help you.  Even the established Church won’t help.  They are as blind as the people they purport to lead.

But God always has his people.  Here are the places you want to bookmark:

Awake Market – A market outside the system

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