Is your Church awake?

Thousands of Christians are looking for a new Church that is awake.  Many of them, like me, have been practically or literally thrown out of their previous Church due to their views.

If your Church is awake, please contact us so that we can add your church to our list.

2 thoughts on “Is your Church awake?”

  1. Hi
    I haven’t been to church for ages though I was baptised and confirmed into the Church of England many years ago. I know that I would get comfort in these troubled tones by joining a church again but I know that I couldn’t be comfortable in one that isn’t awake. I am awake and unvaccinated. I live in Redhill, Surrey and would love to find an awake church nearby as I don’t drive but could use public transport if that were feasible.

    1. I go to an Anglican church in Guildford which I would describe as awake as they don’t have any restrictions such as masks or social distancing and are very welcoming. But Guildford would be too far for you in Redhill, I fear.
      Would it be easier for you to get to Leatherhead? I am reliably told by several people that Disciples Church Leatherhead is awake. (
      You can go from Redhill by bus or train.

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