Israel is 84% vaccinated, yet cases explode

Cases of Covid have exploded in Israel where 84% of the population are vaccinated, with many having had 3 shots.  Israel holds two current unenviable records.  She has the highest rate of vaccinated people per capita and she also has the highest number of Covid cases per capita in the world.

We can only conclude from this that the vaccine is not the way out of this ‘pandemic’.  At some point, probably not in the too far distant future, some is going to shout out that the Emperor has no clothes on, and the scales will drop off everyone’s eyes.

Politicians have continuously told us to follow the science, so now they need to take their own advice and scrutinise the results.  What they will find is that the vaccine makes absolutely no difference to Covid, that the vaccinated are dangerous as they are producing variants, and that the side effects, if studied are causing massive problems now and in the future.

The latest studies are finding that the vaccine interferes with reproduction organs.  I will speculate that those at the top of the tree know this and this is part of their plan to depopulate the world.  No wonder they are so desperate to get the jab into our children.

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