Censorship in the West

A decade ago, even The National Front could stand up and state their beliefs.  Most people ignored them as they did not agree with their beliefs, but in a free democratic country, it was considered essential that everyone was free to have their say.

Contrast that with the position in the West today where anyone who holds an opposite view to the establishment is vilified, hounded, defunded and silenced.  If they continue their opposition, they are then subject to abuse, legal obstacles, fines and even imprisonment for simply carrying out free journalism.

Take the example of Paul Yaxley-Lennon, better known as Tommy Robinson.  Tommy was so upset by the systematic rape of white English girls by Pakistani Muslims, that he was determined to expose the practice to the attention of the British people.  He was subject to what can only be called terrorist tactics by the establishment and police.  He was falsely arrested, jailed and his family was threatened until they finally managed to silence him.  Now we never hear of Tommy.

Government agencies and the mainstream media are totally under the control of big business to the point where a sitting US President was de-platformed last year.  Regardless of President Trump’s views, he is entitled to have these views, and half of America agreed with him in the 2020 election.  The establishment silenced even a sitting US President, so the time has come to take the problem seriously.

As Christians, we need to stand up for freedom and righteousness.  When our government are taking totalitarian control of our country and dictating what we can do, when we can leave our homes, where we can go, who we can speak to, what we can say, and what medical procedures we must take, it is time for true Christians to take a stand.

We are living in difficult times and without a doubt, our faith is already under attack.  If you are not feeling attack by Satan, then you are not a threat to him.  Every Christian should be a threat to Satan and therefore, under attack.  Jesus told us 2,000 years ago, we were at war, and we need to start believing it.  It is time for Christians to get out of their comfortable armchair and strap on their armour.  The next few months will determine whether we are a free country or a dictatorship and your stance will determine whether your faith is accompanied by works or is a dead, useless faith.

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