So that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark

Revelation 13:17

“so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark”

This is now starting to happen in many different countries of the world. Why is the Church largely taken by surprise by this, and can even still not see it coming? It was foretold 2,000 years ago, yet the Church does not see it when it is already coming to pass.

Christians, you know there is good and evil in this world, in spiritual dimensions. You also know that there are no depths to which the evil one will not stoop. It is time to awaken and realise that Satan is having one last almighty push to do what he has always dreamed of, to take control of the entire world. It is time to awaken and see this entire Corona Virus crisis for what it is, a manufactured excuse to impose totalitarian rule on the entire world.

The scriptures foretold exactly what would come to pass. We are told that the Antichrist will be a very believable and plausible person who will corrupt even the elect. You need to start examining scripture and see what it says. You will find those things coming to pass in many countries of the world. How long are you going to sit in your comfort zone and take to action, say nothing, and let millions of precious souls slide into hell?

We, the Church, are God’s representatives on earth. If we do not speak out against the evil which is being perpetrated throughout the world, who will. We alone, have the ear of God. We alone have direct access to the throne room of heaven. How long will you sit in your comfortable homes and wring your hands, but do nothing?

In Australia they are firing rubber bullets at peaceful protestors. In Lithuania, you cannot work unless you have taken the experimental mNRA treatment. Even in the USA you cannot now work in any mid-large company unless you have taken this experimental injection, which is killing people.

Nobody is coming to help you when they come for you. The entire world is under the control of a very few excessively rich people. Their plan is almost complete. It may well be the end of the age and Christ will finally return and sort it all out, but we still need to be standing for truth.

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