God’s remnant in Communist UK

Over the past 2 years, western governments have enacted legislation that communist China leaders would be proud of.  Most Churches have already accepted that the state can tell them when they can open, tell them whether they can sing or not, tell them who is free to attend Church and tell them how many people can attend.  Next, they will be told what they are allowed to teach.

Churches have also backed up the government in silencing those who would question the official narrative.  Do you remember the days when even the BNP were allowed to have their say?  This is no longer allowed because we are no longer living in a free democratic society.  Churches have accepted this, and they just do not seem to realise that they are the next to be silenced.

The elite of this world already control almost every government in the world and every major news outlet.  Now it is quite simply into the mopping-up period.  People like me will already have their names on a list sometime, and it is simply a matter of time before I get a knock on the door in the small hours of the morning.

Do you really think that cannot happen in the UK?  Think again.  It is already happening.  Look what they did to Tommy Robinson, simply because he was exposing the mass systematic rape of young girls by Pakistani Muslims.  Look what they have done to Julian Assange because he exposed their corruption and lies.

These people are evil and will stop at nothing in their quest for absolute power.  The Church has already rolled over and accepted their oversight.  The mainstream Church is already finished and we are now entering a period where we will have an underground Church just like Communist China.

The mainstream Church will continue to operate, under the state’s jurisdiction and control, which will be tightened little by little.  Just like boiling the frog, the mainstream Churches still do not even see it happening.  Take heart though, God always has His remnant.

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