Dictatorships are flourishing, even within the Church

Throughout our world, dictators are taking a firm hold.  In Australia, they are firing rubber bullets at the crowds and beating others with truncheons.  In the Netherlands, they are firing real, live ammunition.  In Austria, the government have locked down the people who are unvaccinated, the people who choose not to take an experimental gene therapy, which is still undergoing stage three trials.

Where are our Churches when governments try to force the people to take untested medical treatment?  Our Churches are silent and complicit.  Indeed, our Churches are also participating by urging the congregation to take the vaccine, despite thousands of people dying from it.

Where are our churches when people are penalised and punished for simply standing up for their freedom of choice?  Once again our Churches are silent and even worse, our Churches are taking the side of evil by silencing those who would speak out against the evil which is taking place in our world.

As the statistics begin to show that the vaccinated are dying just the same, if not more, than the unvaccinated, how can the church take part in the evil scheme?  How can the Church continue to sing to the world’s tune when those who are rushing to take the booster are dying too?

With the vaccination story lying in ruins, how can the Church continue to keep the government line?  In my local area, despite what the government tell you, the only ones I see dying are vaccinated people.  A local church recently lost both the pastor and assistant pastor to covid.  Both were fully vaccinated.  What value are the vaccinations?

Those in the Church are quite at liberty to pronounce their views on the vaccine, but equally, they need to allow the opposite view to be heard, instead of silencing it, in the same manner, the government is doing.  We expect better of the Church.  We expect a higher standard of the Church.  We expect God’s representatives on earth to be more discerning and to take a stand against tyranny.

It is the right of church leaders to take a view that the vaccine is good, but they can never take the view that it is right to punish those who take the other view.  They are most decidedly wrong to silence and exclude those who speak against tyranny and forced vaccinations.

This is not only happening in established old Churches.  It is also happening in modern, evangelical Churches.  I have first-hand experience of this when I was told that I could not continue to post my views online if I wanted to be involved in my local Church.  Of course, I could not accept those terms and am now Churchless due to tyranny within the Church.

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