If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung round their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea

The government is now pushing to vaccinate little children even when the government independent body said it was not beneficial. Children are at virtually no risk from Covid, yet face substantial risks from an untested, experimental gene therapy treatment. The Church is following in the footsteps of the disciples, despite Jesus having rebuked them. Our generation is sacrificing our children to save Ganny and Granpa, the first time in modern history this has ever been done, and the Church is silent.

Our governments are carrying genocide on our people and the Church, in it’s silence, is complicit with this evil plan. More people are now dying from the government’s response to the virus than are dying from the virus itself. God is not blind to what is going on, so we can only assume that the traditional Church has no revelation from God!

Underground Church

Since my last post on Sunday, it has been so good and encouraging to hear from a number of people who feel the same way as I do.  However, it is also sad to realise that 75% of the Christians I have talked to are virtually part of an underground Church.

Who would have believed that within the space of a few short years, the UK could have developed from a free and open society to one where underground Churches are needed.

Joshua 1:6  Be strong and courageous

The Great Tribulation is here

Matthew 24:21-22

For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equalled again.  If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened.

Jesus exhorted us to read the signs of the times and understand what is happening.  I think that is especially important right now.  Many Churches continue as if all is rosy and all will be well, but that is not what I read in the passage above.

Jesus warned us that the great tribulation was coming and it is time for Churches to start preparing their people for it.  The signs are there, right in front of our faces, that it is almost upon us, and we are not ready for it.

I appeal to every pastor and minister to begin to prepare your flock for the distress that is coming.  The Bible tells us it is coming, and we need to start believing that word, in view of the events taking place in the world today.

This is no time to be fearful, it is a time to stand strong in our faith

As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work

Satan is going about like a roaring lion, like a wounded roaring lion.  He knows his time is short and he is redoubling efforts to destroy everything that God created.  Very soon the day of grace will come to an end and the opportunity for us to reach out and save those who are lost will have passed.

Now is the time for us, the Church, to redouble our efforts to reach out and take as many as possible over to the winning side.  We need to show the world that the events that are transpiring right now are not happening by chance.  They were decreed and foretold thousands of years ago by the Prophets of God

Furthermore, we must show them how it all ends, in victory for Jesus and his people.  We must also prepare them for the intervening period when it will get worse before victory comes.  This is no time to be fearful, it is a time to stand strong in our faith.

We are at war

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

We are indeed at war, but not a conventional war, but a spiritual war.  Our enemies are not flesh and blood, but evil spiritual beings in the highest places.  If we attempt to fight this war in our own strength, then we will not succeed.  We need spiritual strength to fight a spiritual war.

There is absolutely no question that we are on the right side of the battle and time will bear that out.  Unfortunately, unlike in the movies, the good side doesn’t always win the battle, although it is guaranteed to win the war.

God is against these evil beings and, in his time, will bring them down.  We are on the side of God in this fight, but what we need is for God to be on our side and to fight for us.  For this to happen, we need to have a relationship with God.

We are in perilous times and we need to call on God for assistance, just as we did when we faced the evil of the Third Reich eighty years ago.  God has taken the first step by revealing to you what is going on in the world.  You need to take the next step by asking for his help.

Obey Men or God?

Acts Chapter 3 v 19-20

“Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than God, you be the judge; for we cannot stop speaking what we have seen and heard.”

Many Christians are of the mind that we should always obey our government in all things, but this is not what the bible teaches.  The Bible teaches that there are some things that are of such importance that you cannot remain silent.

Salvation and repentance is one such subject in which, Christians should never be silent.  Governments closing down Churches strays into an area that could be contestable.  However, there are other areas that are even more important than closing down Churches.

Governments and other interested parties around the world are determined in their efforts to push a ‘vaccine’ onto the entire population, whether it is required or not.  Their determination knows no bounds as they coerce and even forcibly vaccinate people against their wills.

This is all done in the name of a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate.  There must be some other reason for pushing this vaccine.  No intelligent person could possibly argue that a vaccine against a virus with such a high survival rate could possibly be so important.  Remember, this is a virus that the UK government downgraded in March 2020 as “no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease in the UK”.

So what is the reason?  The World Health Organisation(WHO) declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, but not many people know that the largest funder and influence of the WHO is Bill Gates.  He, along with his friends have an objective to reduce the world population to around 500 million, or by 95%, and this ‘vaccine’ is an important step in that direction.

The facts are all out there to see if you really want to see it, but you will not find them on Google or Facebook, which are controlled by Bill’s friends.  Like Peter,  I cannot stop speaking about what I have seen and heard.  I cannot remain silent while the elite of this world conducts genocide on an unsuspecting world.  To be silent is to be complicit.

The Church’s Voice

Throughout history, the Church has often spoken out against the state and rising tyranny, often at a great cost, and with harsh persecution.  At other times, the Church has been silent in the face of evil.  What should the Church be doing now?

What should be the Church’s position when people are losing their jobs simply because they refuse to take an experimental gene therapy injection?

What should the Church’s position be when people are not allowed to enter shops simply because they refuse to take an experimental gene therapy injection?

What should the Church’s position be when governments of democratic states begin to fire rubber bullets at peaceful protestors?

What should the Church’s position be when people are denied health care, which they have paid for, simply because they refuse to take an experimental gene therapy injection?

What should the Church’s position be when people are forcibly vaccinated against their will?

What should the Church’s position be when governments overrule parents who do not wish their children to participate in experimental gene therapy programs?

All of the above are happening in western countries right now and will be coming to the UK soon unless we take a stand.  How far is it going to go before the Church realises that the monster in our midst is far worse than Hitler?  How far is it going to go before Churches are willing to speak out on behalf of human rights?

Right now, there is a deafening silence from Churches.  The Church has nothing to say about the lies Government are telling us, nothing to say about the coercion to take an experimental medical treatment, nothing to say about the thousands who are being killed by the ‘vaccine’, nothing to say about children being taken from their parents and nothing to say about the thousands of elderly who were murdered in care homes last year.

The only defence which Churches have is that they don’t know what is happening.  You have been informed now and it is your duty, as Christians, to investigate these claims.  There will be a day coming soon when all this will come to light and history will not look kindly on the Church having gone along with it.

Your body is a temple

In Genesis chapter 1, it is said that God spoke the world into being.  For many centuries, that just didn’t make much sense.  What language did he use and how could words bring things about?

Then some clever scientists discovered DNA, a language that makes up everything on the planet.  It was now plain, in Genesis chapter 1, God was speaking DNA.  After God was finished, he looked and said that everything was good.

Now, we have some men who want to alter that DNA within us.  Of course, they are not telling us they want to alter our DNA.  They tell us it is simply a vaccine.

This vaccine is not like any other vaccine before, indeed, it is not a vaccine at all, in the true sense of the word.  It is an experimental mRNA gene therapy that will forever alter your DNA into something God did not intend you to be.

What is going on in our world?

I’ll bet you wish you had a pound for every time you had heard those words.  We look around us at some of the strange things which are going on in our world and in our country and wonder what on earth is going on.

The truth is that God is sitting on the throne, still in control, which is more than you can say for our governments.  Behind almost every government in the world, stands, not God, but Satan.  Every government, almost without exception, has sold out their souls to Satan.

Satan has an agenda.  He wants to take over control from God.  As Christians, we have always known this.  The trouble is, he does not have the power of God, so he has to fake it.  He strives to present himself to men as equal standing with God.

Just as God is in complete control, Satan would like to show that he is in complete control.  Time and time again, we hear politicians tell us not to worry, they have everything under control.  When you hear that, you know something is wrong.  We can see it, everything keeps getting worse and we are living in a house of cards that is shortly going to collapse.

None of this is taking God by surprise.  The prophecy in the Bible talks about all these things happening in the end times.  It talks about evil men who oppose God and try to rule the world mercilessly.  It also talks about the day when it will all collapse and be destroyed.

Where will you stand on that day?  What will happen to you on that day?

It’s coming fast.  As a Christian, what should you be doing?

Evil is plumbing new depths

Since Satan was cast out of Heaven, there has always been evil, but it has never plumbed the depths that it has now.

Governments are pushing the COVID vaccine as hard as they can. People are becoming ill and dying from this vaccine and medical staff are not even reporting when people die from it.

People are being threatened with losing their job if they do not take the jab. People are being coerced into taking a killer jab.

All this will fall apart very soon. Please make sure you are on the right side of history.

Where are the Church when people need help?

I just read a post on Facebook,

“I’m so lost and scared right now.
I turn to you God, I’ve no firm foundation.
Bring me peace.”

How many millions are there out there who are lost and scared?  These are exactly the people who the Church is supposed to be there to help.  Christians are supposed to be the ones who have the answers.  Do you remember when we used to sing that song, “Christ is the answer to my every need”?

The trouble is that right now the Church is just as lost and just as scared as the rest of the world.  You go to a Church and are told where you have to sit and social distance, wear a mask, don’t touch anyone, the list goes on.

Jesus lived in a time when people had to socially distance themselves from lepers.  What did Jesus do?  He went right up to the lepers and touched them.

If you do not believe that God can protect you, then you have no business being part of a Church and certainly no business declaring that you believe in the power of God!

Censorship in the West

A decade ago, even The National Front could stand up and state their beliefs.  Most people ignored them as they did not agree with their beliefs, but in a free democratic country, it was considered essential that everyone was free to have their say.

Contrast that with the position in the West today where anyone who holds an opposite view to the establishment is vilified, hounded, defunded and silenced.  If they continue their opposition, they are then subject to abuse, legal obstacles, fines and even imprisonment for simply carrying out free journalism.

Take the example of Paul Yaxley-Lennon, better known as Tommy Robinson.  Tommy was so upset by the systematic rape of white English girls by Pakistani Muslims, that he was determined to expose the practice to the attention of the British people.  He was subject to what can only be called terrorist tactics by the establishment and police.  He was falsely arrested, jailed and his family was threatened until they finally managed to silence him.  Now we never hear of Tommy.

Government agencies and the mainstream media are totally under the control of big business to the point where a sitting US President was de-platformed last year.  Regardless of President Trump’s views, he is entitled to have these views, and half of America agreed with him in the 2020 election.  The establishment silenced even a sitting US President, so the time has come to take the problem seriously.

As Christians, we need to stand up for freedom and righteousness.  When our government are taking totalitarian control of our country and dictating what we can do, when we can leave our homes, where we can go, who we can speak to, what we can say, and what medical procedures we must take, it is time for true Christians to take a stand.

We are living in difficult times and without a doubt, our faith is already under attack.  If you are not feeling attack by Satan, then you are not a threat to him.  Every Christian should be a threat to Satan and therefore, under attack.  Jesus told us 2,000 years ago, we were at war, and we need to start believing it.  It is time for Christians to get out of their comfortable armchair and strap on their armour.  The next few months will determine whether we are a free country or a dictatorship and your stance will determine whether your faith is accompanied by works or is a dead, useless faith.

Israel is 84% vaccinated, yet cases explode

Cases of Covid have exploded in Israel where 84% of the population are vaccinated, with many having had 3 shots.  Israel holds two current unenviable records.  She has the highest rate of vaccinated people per capita and she also has the highest number of Covid cases per capita in the world.

We can only conclude from this that the vaccine is not the way out of this ‘pandemic’.  At some point, probably not in the too far distant future, some is going to shout out that the Emperor has no clothes on, and the scales will drop off everyone’s eyes.

Politicians have continuously told us to follow the science, so now they need to take their own advice and scrutinise the results.  What they will find is that the vaccine makes absolutely no difference to Covid, that the vaccinated are dangerous as they are producing variants, and that the side effects, if studied are causing massive problems now and in the future.

The latest studies are finding that the vaccine interferes with reproduction organs.  I will speculate that those at the top of the tree know this and this is part of their plan to depopulate the world.  No wonder they are so desperate to get the jab into our children.

The world is gripped by fear

Never since Hitler was threatening an invasion of the British Isles in 1940, has our country been gripped by so much fear.  The entire country is gripped by a huge fear, so it must be a really bad disease like Ebola, Typhoid or similar.

But, when you examine the facts, you find there are not many extra deaths and all the thousands of deaths marked as Covid victims, are quite simply deaths by other causes, wrongly accredited to Covid.

That would be bad enough, but facts are emerging now that many of the deaths at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ were residents of nursing homes who were, quite simply, murdered by an overdose of Midazolam.

Australia has fallen

The mainstream media is not covering what is happening in Australia, but it is very important to us as that is what will be coming here next.

Australia has said, “If you want your life to continue close to normal, get your jab.  For people who make the choice not to get vaccinated, will not have freedom”.

Who would have believed that Australia could have fallen so easily?  Our government will be watching what is happening in Australia and if successful, they will do the same here.

What else is the mainstream media not covering?

Coercion and pressure

Never in my lifetime have I have ever known any of our authorities to place so much pressure or coercion on the population.  For sure, when this is all over, some in power will be imprisoned, if not executed.  I would not be at all surprised if the fallout is so big that they bring back the death penalty for it.

Governments and those in authority are, at best, failing to research the entire issue of covid.  I can scarcely believe that all politicians, doctors and nurses are so stupid as not to look into what they are being told so that only leaves willful involvement in genocide on a massive scale.

How can the government body for vaccines say that it is not right to vaccinate children, yet the government are so determined to press ahead, knowing that many children will die from the vaccination?  It is nothing short of murder.

Things just don’t add up

Everyone just needs to stop and think things through logically and ask themselves some basic questions.

  • How many people do you know personally who have died last year?
  • Is that really more people than you know who have died in previous years?
  • How many people do you know who are in hospital right now with Covid?
  • Does it make sense that there is a virus that you don’t even know you have?
  • Why are the media hiding that people are dying from the vaccination?
  • Why are the government so insistent that everyone gets vaccinated?
  • Why are medical staff being sacked for expressing their views?
  • Why vaccinated children who are at no risk?
  • Why does a fantastic vaccine still leave you at such a great risk?

As a Christian, you need to be asking these questions and many more.  As a Christian, it is your obligation to resist evil and there is much evil involved in the Covid narrative.  It is time for Churches to awake before we are in the same position the German Churches were in the 1920s!

There is…..a time to be silent, and a time to speak.

These are the words of the wisest man who ever lived.  It is funny how many Christians believe that we should not get involved in politics, but should always remain silent.  For those of us who do believe there is a time to speak, when will that be?

  • Was it when they started to silence the opposition?
  • Was it when they shut your Church down?
  • Was it when they banned you from leaving your home?
  • Was it when they started killing elderly people in care homes?
  • Was it when they started coercing people into taking an experimental jab?
  • Was it when people started dying after taking the jab?
  • Is it when they started coming after our children?
  • Will it be when children start dying?
  • Will it be when they start to round up the unvaccinated into concentration camps?
  • Will it be when hospital care is withdrawn from the unvaccinated?
  • Will it be when pensions and benefits are withdrawn unless you get vaccinated?
  • Will it be when you are not allowed to buy food unless vaccinated?
  • Will it be when you are compelled to take the ‘Mark of the beast’?

It will be too late to speak out soon!

The truth shall set you free

Every Christian and every preacher will agree that we need to diligently search the scriptures for the truth, but does our obligation stop there?  Do we not also have an obligation to seek out the truth in every walk of life?

Over the past 18 months, we have been subject to what can only be called propaganda from the government and mainstream media.  The vast majority of Christians, including leaders and pastors, have simply accepted the lies as truth, and so have led their congregations into danger.

I believe that every leader and pastor needs to be spiritually discerning and failure to search out the truth, leaves them in error, whether that be the truth of the scripture or in temporal matters.

The truth is no longer to be found from government sources or in the mainstream media.  Your television is a source of propaganda, designed to confuse you and cause you distress.  I think it is the duty of every Christian to seek out the truth through other channels.  I list two such channels below for you to consider.

Unity News Network – https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/ or https://dlive.tv/UnityNews

UK Column – https://www.ukcolumn.org/audio-podcasts

Banned from Church?

One of my latest books “The Church and Covid” went down like a lead balloon with my local Church and basically got me banned from anything else but attending Church and sitting on a pew, being quiet.

I’m sorry, but with all I see going on in my country right now, I cannot and will not remain quiet and watch Satan run amok through our country and our Churches.  Satan is powerful, but my God is more powerful.

The same God who strengthened David against Goliath and who strengthened Moses against the Egyptians will strengthen me against the powers which are now arrayed against us.  Like Daniel’s 3 friends, I say that if even if God does not save me in this, still I will not bow down to this evil.

Why are Churches living in fear?

Most Churches are following the government line without questioning.  The government is pushing fear on a scale never before known in our country, not even in wartime.  Winston Churchill and King George, during the last war, took every opportunity to encourage and bolster the population against the huge onslaught they were under.

Contrast this with the narrative now doled out on a daily basis.  It is a narrative of doom and gloom and constant fear, and our Churches are pretty much going along with it, despite the clear orders of our Lord to be fearless and have faith.  Faith seems to be in short supply these days in the Church.

Why is this?

Welcome to Churches without fear

Welcome to Churches without fear.  This is the home for all Christians who reject the current climate of fear in the western world.  This includes the rampant fear governments are deliberately creating on Covid-19 and climate change.  We believe that these fears are being ramped up to control the population on behalf of those with vested interests.

Whatever the reason, it is unbiblical to live in fear, and for Christians to live in this way, denies the power of God and the spoken word of Jesus when he said we should be anxious about nothing.